Thursday, May 24, 2007


Tron Ogrim
Tron Ogrim has died but his life was not in vain as he spent it well fighting for a better future for humanity. That most precious quality was regularly on show in his contributions to the Spotters list an oftimes silly but peculiarly serious discussion list for the followers of the doings of the multitude of warring groups which situate themselves on the left worldwide. It matters not a jot that Tron had politics that had little in common with my own. What mattered when reading Tron was that sense of humanity and humour he conveyed that is only possessed by those who have fought and alas lost battles with the enemies of humanity. Tron fought those battles and it would seem he played a role in leading our side in his homeland. But now he fights no more and it is left to others to continue that fight. We shall win!

Thanks for your help in eliminating the last remaining vestiges of democracy from Venezuela, RCTV and Globovision. I look forward to more of your support in the future!
Very nice post.

I think that Hugo Chavez guy is an imposter.
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