Tuesday, November 04, 2008

O'Barmy Wins Big!
Ok, so another right wing dirtbag has won. Big fucking deal.
A lot of good decent American workers and toilers will now have illusions in this charlatan. So this fraud will get a honeymoon period. Yeah great innit?
No it fucking aint. What is needed is for American workers not to rely on O'Barmy but to start to FIGHTBACK now.
Last time a fraud of this size got elected that is exactly what happened under Roosevelt back in the 193o's. I have every faith in the fighting traditions of our American sisters and brothers to wage the kind of struggle that is now so urgently needed.

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Great Americans Pt 23/a
It is a great tragedy for the USA that Frederick Douglas never ran as a candidate for President. Had he done so, as candidate of the Radical Republicans, then an alliance might have been formed between the rising workers movement and the newly emancipated slave population of the South. The misery that has been American history since the final defeat of radical Reconstruction in 1877 could have meant great advances for the greatest nation on this planet. But alas we have seen those twin gravediggers of American capitalism, the strategically important Black population and the working classes hegemonised by the Dimmicrats and Republicrats.

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The US Elections
The horrors never cease. Dweedledum versus Tweedledumber. See Shiraz Socialist and Dolphinarium for all the gory details. Will the SPUSA or the SWP (Barnes) candidate become Prez? Who knows? Who cares? Not I!
Surely the USA needs a version of the Left List? Does the SWP (Britlandia) have any friends in the colonies that would venture such an historic advance? Nah, they have more sense and long since split from the fading mess that is the SWP.
What a shame though that Galloway cannot stand not being born in the USA. At least it would remove him from these shores.

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