Monday, October 29, 2007


Britains Sovereignity Endangered by Religious Loons!!!
(A Neprimerimye exclusive - and no wonder!!!)
Comrades and friends we here at neprimerimye blog are alarmed by the threat to the national sovereignity of Britain uncovered in the Sunday telegraph that well known organ of braindead conservatism. Uncovered but unremarked upon by the pusilanimous defenders of british nationalism on that rotten diseased organ. But we at Neprimerimye, pledged as we are to defend those few remanants of bourgeois democracy remaining in this the period of capitalism's historic decline, will spare no efforts to explain to the masses this new threat to liberty on these here islands. And so we hand you over to the combined efforts of our religious and consitutional departments for your enlightenment.
We note that in the Sunday Telegraph of 28/10/07ce an article by Jonathan Wynne-Jones appeared entitled 'Parishes win right to turn to foreign bishops'. On the face of it this so-called right allows parishes, that is to say local branches of the state cult in England, to secede from the control of the local diocese and adhere instead to another diocese based in Africa or South America. The reason for this being that some of the parishes of the Church of England, the aforementioned state cult, dislike the 'liberal' attitude of the state cult with regard to sexual ethics. Suffice it to say the state cult is not exactly at the cutting edge but is far too radical for the more traditional churchmen.
Normally these moves would excite but little comment by us here at neprimerimye blog but we note that an important principle of Britain's constitution seems to have been raised, namely the matter of our national sovereignity. Not that we at neprimerimye would raise so much as a digit to defend The Church of Engerland or national sovereignity in the normal course of events. But in this case we note that the principle of the sovereignity of Parliament is threatened and we are alarmed!!! What next? Will the right of the freeborn Englisher to beat his children and wife be sacrificed at the alter of trendiness?
We here at neprimeimye blog say NO, this cannot be. It is the right of all Britons to demand that these bigots remain under the iron heel of Dr Rowan Williams and be compelled to thereby to recognise the sovereignity of the Queen in Parliament. We note that it is after all the case that on these here septic isles that sovereignity is derived not from the people as such but from the authority the monarch delegates to the representatives of the people gathered together in Parliament. And the Queen is, as our learned reader will know, the head of the state cult which is to say of the Church in Engerland.
It follows from the above that should any parish of the Church in Engerland be removed from the control of Dr Williams that our national sovereignity is thereby diminished. This, in the opinion of neprimerimye blog, is an outrage against the people of Engerland and our sovereign lady Queen Liz. Although the problem could be easily solved by disestablishing the Church of England - but that would be crazy.


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