Thursday, May 10, 2007


McNonentity versus Moocher

Who Gives A Shit?

A glance at various right wing blogs such as davespart and socialistunity (sic) reveals the authors of said blogs in a state of near hysteria. What is the question of such vital importance for the many million workers of Britain? Nothing less than the question as to whether John McDonnell MP or Michael Meacher MP have support from a handful of their fellow MP's. A vital question for the development of the social revolution as it will decide which of these nonentities shall go forward to be soundly defeated by Gordon Brown MP.

That Brown has the leadership in the bag our right wing friends know full well. For them the point is to have a 'debate' in the ranks of the Labour Movement' about the 'way forward' in order to begin the renewal of the Labour Left (RIP). Neprimerimye blog wishes them the best of luck in this enterprise but wishes to point out that the 'Labour Movement' is now a much reduced force largely consisting of elderly male white dullards and equally dull liberal apparatchiks in the white coller unions.

Our right wing friends are, in the opinion of this blogger, engaged in a form of politics that is utterly futile functioning as a hobby not as a serious attempt to raise the class consciousness of a working class which cannot be recognised in their posts as it is seemingly of no real concern to them. But like it or not it is amongst the working classes, which is oblivious to the petty politicking of McNonentity versus Moocher, not the comatose 'Labour Movement' to which socialists ought to be looking for a response to the Brown administration.

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It is worth pointing out that my position is ot at all what you describe here.

The importnce of the leadership or deputy leadership battle is to have an argument in the unions about the need to politically break with Brown and Blair.

The leadership contest gives a pretext to discuss politics and the relationship between the TUs and the government that is not always easy in U branhces, and other committees.
And actually we had a discussion last night at our GB branch committee about the leadership, where there were 12 people there, only one in the LP.

And these white middle class dullards, as you call them are the shop stewars and activists in a number of small factories, and have been instrumental in recruiting hundereds of Polish migrant workers to the unions.

That actually is where the debate needs to be happening about the break with New labour.
BTW. the GMB had a public meeting for Polish workers in trwobridge recently and had 200 teurn up, mostly women, nearly all under 30.
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