Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Electoral Advice for the Welsh Assembly
Elections in 2007 are stupendously boring of no real interest but to halfwits and television presenters with nothing better to do. Serious decisions about how ee live are not made in bodies such as the Welsh Assembly. This is meant to be a political blog however and electoral contests are meant to be of central importance in a democratic society such as ours so I suppose I had better advise the readership of neprimerimye blog how to vote. Don't worry I won't make it a habit.
Well in nutshell what you do is look at the parties standing candidates and reject in the first place all those who are total fucking arseholes. That disposes of UKIP, the Tories, Liberals, religious lunatics,anti abortion crazies and other assorted jackasses. Next reject any nationalists as their real aim is to return Wales to the pre-Roman past as represented by our map to the left.
Next check out the various 'left' alternatives and ask if they actually have any grasp of reality and/or living members in Wales. This time round this means the post-Breznevite nostalgic Stalinoids of the misnamed Communist Party of Britain, the Socialist Labour Party led by the utterly deluded Arthur Scargill (not the Arthur of whom it was foretold he would save Wales I fear) and the Socialist Equality Party which is the ceature of a corrupt print industry millionnaire. Also in the field we have Respect and a bunch of independents running on politics which aren't even a poor parody of socialism. Next we have the small Socialist Party who are at least principled socialists if very dull.
Sadly we have a rubbish version of proportional representation in Wales meaning that a vote for the Socialist Party on the regional list would mean the possibility of allowing a nationalist or another openly anti-working class candidate through. At very least in Wales we need an increase in the number of seats in the Assembly and a better method of voting. That is until we can institute a workers democracy based on councils elected from the workplaces and residential districts. Sadly none of the parties in these elections are calling for this policy better known as the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
Which leaves us with the Labour Party and lets be clear about this remains the only party in this contest which has any organic connection to the workers movement. Whidch means that if its not raining and theres nothing better to do you really should get over to the polling station in order to vote for them. Not a nice option I admit but given the alternaives it is currently the only option for decent people.

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