Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reasons to Admire The People of the United States of America

Hal Draper

One of the themes of turncoat vermin masquerading as socialists and pro-war liberal trash both is that 'the left' is anti-American. It's an easy lie told by drunken buffoons who spend more time drinking their expense accounts than they do seeking out the truth. But no matter in but a few short years these clowns will be forgotten so I'll say no more for the moment.

The truth is rather more complex and the genuine socialist left, that part of the socialist left which fought both Stalinism and knew it to be but another form of class society, has never been anti-American. Quite the contrary the anti-Stalinist left has long looked to and talked of the important role which American socialists and the American working class will play in the destruction of class society.

Approximately a hundred years ago Lenin, a man who greatly admired American ingenuity and industry, pointed to the similarities between Russia and the USA. And rightly so as it was no accident that serfdom and slavery were destroyed, by a rising youthful capitalism, at the same point in history for similar reasons.

The similarities and contrasts between the two countries remain today modified only by the defeat of the old USSR in the Cold War and the shattering of most of its empire. The tragedy being that the USSR was destroyed from within by virtue of its being unable to compete with the larger, more efficient, economy of the USA and not by the working class. A working class that was, due to Stalinism, leaderless and lacked consciousness of its social revolutionary nature.
The American empire by contrast is intact its maw dripping with fresh blood. But internally it is as rotten as the old USSR ever was containing within its borders the seeds of its destruction. Sadly those best able to destroy the nightmarish colossus that is official America are as leaderless and as lacking in consciousness as their Russian comrades were and are.

Nonetheless there have always been devoted and brave comrades who have fought in the very belly of the beast to develop class consciousness amongst those whose destiny it is to bring down the clay colossus that bestrides the globe. This post, the first of a series, aims to simply remind the few brave souls who read this blog that of some of those heroic figures. In pride of place Hal Draper, now go read his pamphlet The Two Souls of Socialism.

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