Wednesday, March 07, 2007

International Working Women's Day

Today is not Women's Day it is International Working Women's Day and it is a socialist celebration of our Sisters and Mothers. it is a celebration of the part they have and will play in the struggle for communism and the destruction of class society.

It is a day on which we should reflect on the disgrace it is that feminists have stolen, just as the petty bourgeoisie always pick the pockets of the workers, this socialist celebration from the workers' movement. It is a day on which we should reflect on the fate of those women who strive for equal rights, including reproductive rights, in Iraq.

It is a day on which we should reflect on the fact that in Britain today working women remain underpaid and largely confined to low status occupations. That so many young male workers are also consigned to such occupations is not a triumph for womens' liberation, though without doubt may feminists will regard it as a triumph over men in general, but evidence of the defeats of the past come back to haunt the whole of the working class today.

While talking of the past and its remembrance let us recall that it was in 1910 at a conference held by the Socialist International in Copenhagen that Clara Zetkin, pictured above in that year with Rosa Luxemburg, moved the resolution that March 8 be forever International Working Womens' Day. Let us also note that the building in which the conference was held was until this week the Ungdomshuset which, without doubt, many of our sisters have fought to defend from the violence of the police only this week.

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Belated Happy Int'l Working Women's Day.

This is a great blog. I'm happy I found it.

I'm an independant Trotskyist, closest to Ted Grant's group.
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