Friday, March 30, 2007

Hippies Must Die!
I hate and despise those bloggers who insist on telling their paltry readerships all about their oh so fucking interesting lives and their opinions on everything from this years lipstick - nude is the thing or so I am told - to world revolution taking in the latest imported TV shows from the USA along the way. Well this blogger lives a dull life not worthy of report and has some small respect for his minuscule readership so as to credit it with enough intelligence not to want to know what my favourite TV show happens to be.

What this blog is about is revolutionary socialist politics, the uncovering of obscure texts from the revolutionary socialist tradition, the state of class struggle today and, when I eventually get around to it, loud music that makes your ears bleed. Not that I actually write much about current politics to be truthful but this is a lazy blog I'm afraid. This blogger being a disciple of Lafargue you understand.

So the general line for this blog is no personal crapola. Except this once. And I make this exception out of sheer naked hared for that sub-species of hippy vermin known as social workers. Now let's be clear, I do not mean those decent people who help your Granny when she comes out of hospital with her shopping and mobility problems, nor do I mean the kind of folks who toil for rubbish pay helping those with severe disabilities. The curs I'm talking about are the fuck-witted twats who assume they know better than you how to run your life. The kind of dorks who swallow and regurgitate whole moronic theories spewed forth by tenth rate polytechnic lecturers who have never had experience in the field. Basically I'm talking about human detritus.

One of the defining characteristics of this species of woolly-minded uber-liberal tosspots, as good liberals always they are in fact little better than cops, is a dislike of science. They are afraid of science as they recognise, in their dim fashion, that science is the production of human culture and they are afraid of Man as they cannot envisage a future in which man lives in harmony in nature having first conquered it. For them that which is good and natural can only be that which Man has not touched, and that which is bad and artificial is the realm of Man. Rather than seeing Man within nature they abstract Man and by doing so alienate their own essence from nature. Theirs is a world view fit only for fearful cynics cowering in their low grade universities while reading that veritable bible of mediocrity The Guardian.

A while back one of these dim-bulbs denounced the idea of cochlear implants for children on the grounds that such an operation, an example of man 'conquering' nature, would be an act of Audism. That is by giving a child the ability to hear, as is normal with our species, an act of discrimination against those who cannot hear would be perpetrated. You see according to this twisted logic it would be better to bring a child up deaf. The argument being that the 'deaf community', that is an abstract group to which a child may or may not have a relationship, must not be diminished by potential members gaining the ability to hear.

To me it is very strange that those who advocate this disgusting bilge do not take a sharp pointed knife and pierce their eardrums if hearing is so repugnant to them. And if we are to follow their logic then we must conclude that wearing spectacles to correct sight problems is an act of discrimination against the cross eyed, short sighted and long sighted communities. Clearly to liberate wimminkind, make no mistake without a single exception all these hippy types are feminists, it is not the state but spectacles that must be smashed!

Fuck that shit! Anyways, I'm pleased to report that one little girl I happen to know, has just had a successful cochlear implant, thanks to the tremendous development of technique which we owe to that most revolutionary of social systems capitalism She is reported to be feeling just fine and dandy if a bit baffled as to why a chunk of her hair has been shaved off. So to celebrate this I thought the readers of this blog might appreciate a picture of the child in question together with this blogger.

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