Tuesday, January 16, 2007

War Pigs discovered to be Ye Oldest English Folk Song!!!!!
Many of my devoted readers will know of the renowned traditional music group Black Sabbath but Neprimerimye blog can now exclusively reveal that one of their best known songs, War Pigs, is in fact a translation of an ancient English folk song. The song was discovered when Sir Ozzy, surely a knighthood cannot long be delayed, was supervising an archeaological excavation in downtown Birmingham late in 1968. That Sir Ozzy was prior to his entering the field of sacred music a promising young professor of archeaology has been concealed for years by the story that he was a grave digger by forces we cannot name here. What Sir Ozzy discovered was groundbreaking in its cultural significance the original Latin lyrics of War Pigs, which are to be found below, without doubt the oldest English folk song known dating from circa 666.
Verres Militares

Centuriones convene runt,
Sicut magi sacris migris -
Mentes malae destructionis,
Artifices omnes mortis.
Campis corpera comburit
Belli machina laborans.
perturb runt mentes sanas.

Eheu, Deus!

Venefici se abstrudunt nunc,
Qui bellum incoherent.
Ipsi pugnam cur ineant?
Cogunt ire pauperes, vae!

Poena subit various,
Qui per jocum bellant.
Gentes tractant sicut pecudes,
Dum nigra venit hora, vae!

Nunc tenebrous mundus horret
Cum auditis: flammae torrent.
Verres non jam habent nervos.
Dei manus trudit fervens.
Hora nigra Dei advenit.
Supplicantes verres repunt,
Peccatores precantur,
Satan ridet, laetatur.

Eheu, Deus!


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