Thursday, November 09, 2006


The purpose of this blog is simply to post the odd comment concerning whatever takes my fancy at any given moment. More than likely the subjects addressed will be the class struggle, the far left and music that you're too square to like. In addition to which from time to time I shall post various lost texts from the archives of revolutionary communism. As for the symbol, it comes from the heroic Vietnamese Bolshevik Leninists who were murdered by Stalinist counter revolution in 1945, it represents the Fourth International which is yet to be founded, but is the last chance of achieving a truly human society. Comments will not be censored, however critical they might be, unless they are deemed pointlessly abusive, racist, sexist, etc. Otherwise say what you will and death to all fake lefts and their PC fetish.

What, precisely, is a 'truly human society'? How is defined and made manifest?
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